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Kate Cunningham is a resident of Malvern and for her, there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee in the afternoon. She decided to create this blog as a way to support the coffee shops in the city.

You can get the best reviews of the places, their food and beverage menus, and information about their catering services.

Kate Cunningham is passionate about promoting tourism and knows that through this blog, she can do it. It is the best way for more people in the country and around the world to read about how amazing Malvern is.

Coffee is a brew that brings people together regardless of religion, political party, or background.

The people of Malvern know this very well and that’s why there are so many places to enjoy good coffee. Whether alone, with friends or with a partner, you can read incredible reviews. Kate’s grandmother used to have a cup of coffee every morning before she started her day. Kate loved to smell the aroma of the boiling beans in the hot water.

When she came of age, she began to accompany her grandmother during this routine. That’s where Kate got her passion for coffee. She travelled to various areas of South America to taste the different beans available on that wonderful continent. When she returned to her hometown, she decided to specialize more on the subject.

For Kate, this blog is not only dedicated to all coffee lovers, it is also dedicated to her grandmother, who awakened her passion and guided her on the journey that changed her life.